Bledi Çuçi

Minister of State for Local Government

Bledi Çuçi

Mr. Bledar Çuçi was born in Tirana, on November 14, 1970. He has a son, Endi Çuçi.

Mr. Çuçi holds a Master’s Degree in Management from Hasselt University, in Belgium (1998) and a university degree in Law obtained from the University of Tirana (1995). He completed secondary education at Petro Nini Luarasi High School in Tirana (1989).

Mr. Çuçi has held several senior offices, including that of the Tirana District Court Chancellor (2000-2001). He covered the positions of Advisor to the Minister, Director of the Legal and Integration Department and Secretary General at the Ministry of Local Government until the end of 2005. During this time, Mr. Çuçi held various other functions, such as that of the representative of the Government of Albania at the Committee for Local and Regional Democracy of the Council of Europe, in Strasburg (2003-2005), member of the Albanian Negotiating Group for the Stabilization and Association Agreement between Albania and the European Community (2003-2006), and member of the Board of Directors of the Training and Public Administration Institute (2003-2005).

During the period from 2006 to 2010, he worked as an independent expert on matters related to public administration, judicial reform and the legal framework on business, in programmes funded by USAID, Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DfID), UN Development Programme (UNDP) and EU both in Albania and Kosovo. From 2010 to 2011, Mr. Çuçi was the Executive Director of the Association for Local Self-governance.

He became part of the SP steering structures since 2007, when he was elected as member of the SP National Assembly and chair of the Assembly Commission for Local Government Affairs. He was re-elected as a member of the Assembly in 2011. In the period between 2011 and 2012, Mr. Çuçi was assigned as an SP expert at the Special Electoral Reform Parliamentary Committee. He holds the office of the Assistant Secretary for Electoral Issues at the Socialist Party since February 2012.

He has wide range of training in various areas, with focus on the administration of the judiciary, public procurement, environmental protection and public administration management, organized by World Bank, the European Union, USAID and the Italian Government and held in several countries, including Albania, Lithuania, Greece, Italy and other countries.