Ermonela Felaj

Minister of State for Relations with Parliament

Ermonela Felaj

Mrs. Ermonela Valikaj Felaj was born in Berat on 9 November 1976. She is married to Mr. Bledar Valikaj and they have a daughter whose name is Hera.

Mrs. Felaj graduated from the Faculty of Justice of the University of Tirana in July 1999, while in 2002 concluded the studies at the High School of Magistrates as “Prosecuting Magistrate”.

She held the position of prosecutor at the local prosecution office in Fier and Berat until 2009.

Mrs. Ermonela Valikaj Felaj has served two terms as MP for the district of Berat, in the elections of 2009 and 2013. Additionally, she has been a member of the "Committee for Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights", "Committee of National Security "and the" Council of Regulation, Mandates and Immunities" in the Parliament.

Mrs. Felaj has an excellent command of French and Italian and she knows English, as well.