Lefter Koka

Minister of Environment

Lefter Koka

Mr. Lefter Koka was born in Durres, on August 4, 1964. He is married to Ms. Brunilda Koka and has three children, Arbi, Rina and Ana.

Mr. Koka completed university studies at the International Faculty of Legal Sciences in Struga.

Following a long career in the private sector, Mr. Koka was elected Member of Durres Municipal Council in 2000. Between 2003 and 2007, Mr. Koka was elected as Mayor of Durres Municipality and, at the same time, was member of Durres Regional Council.

In 2009 elections, Mr. Koka was elected as a Member of Assembly in the 18th Legislation for Durres constituency, as a representative of Socialist Movement for Integration.

As member of the 18th Legislature of the Albanian Assembly, Mr. Koka was also head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Movement for Integration and member of the Parliamentary Committee of Economy and Finance.

From 2009 and onwards, Mr. Koka has been Chair of the Socialist Movement for Integration in Durres Branch and member of the SMI chairmanship.

In the parliamentary elections of 2013, Mr. Koka was re-elected as representative of Durres constituency in the 19th legislator of the Albanian Assembly on behalf of the Socialist Movement for Integration.

Mr. Koka is fluent in Italian and has good knowledge of English.