Published on : 29 November 2016

A prompt implementation of the Vetting law remains the condition for opening negotiations

Press conference of the Minister of European Integration Klajda Gjosha:


Firstly, I would like to wish all Albanians happy Independence and Liberation Days.

We convened this press conference today, after a very positive visit that took place yesterday in Germany, where the main focus was the progress of Albania in its EU integration process.

Of course, I cannot give details of the conversation that lasted one hour, after the press conference, between Prime Minister Rama and Chancellor Merkel, where I was present along Minister Bushati.

But I can assure you that we found once again the clear support of the Chancellor in this process as historic as delicate for the Albanians.

Ms Merkel’s remarks on the reforms undertaken by the government and the results published by the European Commission were really positive.

As it was positive the fact that we were on the same opinion to have a stable and predictable process, with no surprises, by focusing on the start of the Vetting law enforcement and of the 5 priorities in order to allow the Commission an interim report in respect of the decision by member countries on the date of the opening of negotiations.

This means that everything now depends on the performance of the Vetting law. The sooner this law is unblocked and its implementation starts, the sooner Albania can officially open negotiations.

Obviously, this is a fragile process due to the fact that the judgment of each member country depends on the conjuncture of the domestic policy in each of the countries, but on the other hand we know that Germany's weight in this process is not small.

Therefore, we are reasonably optimistic that things will evolve positively.

As Minister of Integration, I would like once again to remind the public that the integration process belongs to all of the Albanians.

I would also like to call on all of institutions and the political class to show their wisdom, maximum readiness and their uttermost commitment in order to do what it takes to accelerate this process.

The integration of Albania is a path of no return, and it lies on the agendas of parties, therefore we must come all together to face the challenges ahead in the easiest way.

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