Published on : 01 June 2017

Press release of the Department of Public Administration

Press release of the Head of the Department of Public Administration, Albana Koçiu:


Since we’ve entered the election campaign period for the parliamentary elections of June, in the capacity of the head of the Department of Public Administration, I would like to make some important clarifications regarding the rights and obligations of the Administration employees during this period.

Initially, I would like to emphasize that the right of all individuals to organize, participate in groups or in political activities, is a fundamental right sanctioned by the Constitution. But, while respecting the Constitution, this right cannot be exercised boundlessly by the employees.

As far as civil servants are concerned, there are some provisions in this framework that are defined in the civil service legislation as the political rights of civil servants.

Every civil servant has the right to participate in political activities, as long as this is done after the official working hours, and without becoming the civil servant a protagonist in these activities.

Every civil servant has the right to run and be elected in the elections for the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, or for the local government bodies, but the moment s/he is registered as a candidate, s/he should be suspended from the exercise of duty.

All civil servants, except for senior managers, have the right to be members of political parties but not members of their governing bodies.

In clarifying the obligations and limitations that administration officials have during this election period, the Prime Minister's Order of 12 May 2017 provides for clear rules of conduct and activity for all Heads of Government and Public Administration Institutions, including also the civil service. Based on this order:

It is strictly prohibited the use of means, funds, various materials, property of the Public Administration, as well as of the human resources of the public administration institutions of every level.

The prohibition of election campaign in public institutions, the prohibition of compulsory use of the institution's administration for election campaign activities within the working hours, as well as of pre-university school system students during class hours, are clearly defined.

Also, as part of these measures, a Decision is being finalized today, which will be approved by the Council of Ministers and which, among other things, provides for the establishment of a special monitoring structure for the administration during this period, in respect of the rights and obligations that all employees of the state administration, and employees in particular should consider during this period.

It is important to clarify once again:

Political rights of Public Administration employees begin after the official working time and outside the perimeter of the administration institutions.

Everyone has the full and inviolable right to engage with any political party. Teachers are free. Directors are free. But provided that this is done outside the perimeter of the institution and after official working hours.

The Department of Public Administration, together with the monitoring structures, will continue to pay attention to any breach of the rules and any pressure that will be put on the employees of the Administration to make them participate in the political activities against their will, by threatening them with losing the job, or by other forms of pressure.

We are maximally organized to ensure the normal work performance in the Public Administration, to serve the citizens correctly during this period, while at the same time ensuring respect for the constitutional rights of each employee, without violating the obligations and responsibilities they have as public officials of this state.

Thank you!

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