Free health check-up programme, an exemplary reality of a major health investment

Posted: 18. October 2018

Three years since the government of Albania launched a preventive check-up programme, aimed at improving the population’s access to preventive services offered by primary health care, the visits to these centres have increased significantly. The ch...

Gambling and sports betting ban, EUR 700 million for household consumption

Posted: 18. October 2018

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s speech at plenary session of the Assembly of Albania: With the Parliament Speaker’s and your consent, I will deviate from the agenda of this session to devote few minutes to the today’s hot issue, gambling and sports b...

2019 draft budget, more social care, investments and real employment

Posted: 17. October 2018

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s remarks at National Economic Council meeting: Hello everyone and thank you for participating in this meeting of the National Economic Council, where we will discuss the next year’s draft budget. Over the years, sometimes...

Weekly report on anticorruption fight results

Posted: 17. October 2018

  Press statement by the Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj on the weekly results of the anti-graft fight: The Anticorruption Task Force, the State Police and other security and law enforcement agencies, in collaboration with the Prosecutor’s O...

Spectacular transformation of eastern side of Tirana Big Ring road

Posted: 16. October 2018

The work to construct the eastern segment of the Tirana Big Ring road, which is expected to bring about a fundamental urban change to the surrounding area, is already underway. The project, which integrates Tirana’s Shkoza neighbourhood with the ci...

State Police, immediate enhanced crackdown on crime and any lawbreaker

Posted: 15. October 2018

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s remarks at meeting with high-ranking officials of the State Police structures:   Today I have asked to address you and all State Police officers. First, a parenthesis. We are going through a moment when an offensive o...

Construction works on Arberi Road project continue at full speed in both directions

Posted: 11. October 2018

The Arberi Road project, the highway that will link Tirana and the north-eastern region of Peshkopia in less than one-hour drive, easing the movement of people and goods between the two areas, proceeds according to schedules on almost every kilometre...

Weekly report on anticorruption actions

Posted: 10. October 2018

Press statement by the Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj, also National Anticorruption Coordinator, over results in the fight against corruption:   The Anticorruption Task Force and the law enforcement agencies have stepped up their control and ...

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s communication on government decisions

Posted: 9. October 2018

Press point by Prime Minister Edi Rama following the cabinet meeting, where a series of important decisions were made, including the one on strengthening school safety and security, stepping up fight against crime, and closure of electronic gambling ...

Support and incentives for garment and footwear business

Posted: 6. October 2018

“Ambra” is one of Albania’s largest closed-cycle garment and footwear companies, locally known as façon, specialized in manufacturing and exporting some most famous clothing Italian and German brands to the European market. Thanks to the gover...

Training Centre for School Principals, strategic investment on path towards education system’s rebirth

Posted: 4. October 2018

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s remarks at inauguration ceremony of the specialized school for principals of the pre-university education institutions:   There is a saying that “teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.”...

The co-governance with ordinary citizens, one year on

Posted: 3. October 2018

On the first anniversary of the online co-governance platform “the Albania we want”, the weekly meeting between the Prime Minister Edi Rama and the ordinary citizens who have accessed and filed their complaints with platform took place at the hal...

Weekly anti-corruption fight results

Posted: 3. October 2018

Press statement by the Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj on the weekly results of the anti-graft fight: The Anti-Corruption Task Force, together with the law enforcement institutions, keeps on precisely implementing the action plans on verification o...

Tirana to host Regional Innovation and Technology Centre

Posted: 2. October 2018

The Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology, part of the World Economic Forum’s Centres Network will be headquartered in Tirana. The news was announced by Prime Minister Edi Rama, who attended “the Strategic Dialogue on the Western Balk...

European-like Olympic Park built on site of ruined structure

Posted: 2. October 2018

A previously totally ruined structure and a pitch completely neglected has now been transformed into a European-like Olympic Park in the south-eastern city of Korça. The Korça Olympic Park is a unique facility that adds to the city’s other attrac...

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