Prime Minister Edi Rama’s video message to compatriots in Montenegro

PM Rama’s video message to compatriot in Montenegro:

Dear fellow citizens in Montenegro,

This Sunday, August 30, is not usual for the country where you have your home, where you live, work and bring up your children!

This is not a usual Sunday, not because you will be voting and, as always, an election day is not like the others, but because this time you will have to make a choice of special importance! And like never before you will be choosing more than just for one party: You will decide the very fate of the Albanians in Montenegro!

A Montenegro with the Euro-Atlantic spirit of the world to which we, Albanians in Albania and everywhere, belong or a Montenegro with a breathing difficulty caused by influences outside our world!

A Montenegro where your position strengthens within the framework of Western values ​​and standards of the European Union and NATO, or a Montenegro where these strategic points of reference are interfered by other waves and your position is weakened!

A Montenegro with which Albania moves forward side by side on the same path and with the same major goals for the future of our children or a Montenegro that turns its eyes to other directions!

I believe your choice is clear and I hope that your vote is united in the same direction that strengthens your representation in Montenegro’s political life and be in harmony with the right choice for that country that must necessarily move forward.

Therefore, I urge you not to give up your right to vote for any reason and support the Albanian List as strongly as possible. That list is not just a grouping of Albanian parties, it is for the first time bringing Malësia and Ulcinj together into a single group and as a result it brings the Albanians in those areas together to support each other and the Euro-Atlantic path of Montenegro.

You may not be very large in number, but your weight is by no means small and in this election every vote weighs more than in all elections after the independence of the beautiful country, where you live.

Your role has been and remains irreplaceable in making Montenegro independent, in the development of multi-ethnic democracy, the democratic and social development of the country where you contribute to.

Today you hold and perform important duties at all institutional levels of your country to support the European integration process and do not forget what efforts the excellent diaspora of Albanians from Montenegro has made, as a powerful spokesperson for national interests all over the world and as a protector of the Euro-Atlantic spirit as a whole.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, get involved, get involved, and leave home on Sunday to support the Albanian List and defend and strengthen the strategic partnership with President Đukanović for a pro-Western and democratic Montenegro.

I know there are still many problems to solve, just like in any other country? I know there is still a lot to be accomplished for the Albanians in Montenegro, but how else can it be delivered without the secure strategic partnership that you have built? I know that you have a lot of criticism for the ruling party and its leadership, but for you to keep criticizing and be provided opportunities to accomplish a lot more, vote the Albanian list!