Finiq, incredible opportunity for agritourism development 

“Foinike” guesthouse, a true oasis nestled amidst a stunning landscape of Finiq, has welcomed around 15,000 visitors during the tourist season, thanks to its special panorama and hospitality.

The Prime Minister Edi Rama’s next stop as part of his visit to Finiq was precisely this agritourism business to exchange opinions with local government representatives and residents on the promising perspective about the area’s development.

Finiq Mayor Kristo Kiço thanked the government head for three projects on ensuring 24-hour water supply to the residents in this municipality and the surrounding areas, ultimately addressing water shortage over the past decades. “I would like to express my gratitude for three important projects on water supply systems. Our municipality has benefited three regional projects on water supply systems. The first project includes 15 villages, and two other projects are earmarked for the municipality of Konispol. The second project is about construction of the water supply system in Leshnice and the third one on construction of the regional water supply network in Finiq. Residents in all villages of Finiq will receive free flow water supply from a source close to the Blue Eye spring. The projects represent a significant step forward regarding water supply,” Finiq Mayor said, adding that development of agritourism is one of the municipality’s top priorities, highlighting the fact that Finiq is a true attraction not only for its wonderful landscape, but also for the rich cultural heritage. “Finiq represents a golden alternative and countless tour and hospitality companies are showing greater interest due to the area’s wonderful attractions. We should promote these treasures, starting with the ancient theatre of Finiq to the Saint Nicholas Mesopotam Church and monastery, a unique religious site that has been reconstructed to take a completely different and fresh look,” Finiq Mayor Kristo Kiço said.

“This is a wonderful area for development of agritourism,” the Premier said, adding that few models for other to follow should be set in this amazing natural landscape.