Inspecting construction site to transform Çerçiz Topulli square

The work continues apace as scheduled to build an underground parking at the Çerçiz Topulli Square, in the Gjirokastra’s Old Bazaar area, as part of a project to revitalize and turn it into a pedestrian only area. 

Prime Minister Edi Rama toured the site to closely inspect the ongoing construction work to implement the project’s first phase.

A series of projects are designed to transform Gjirokaster into a bustling tourist destination, featuring diversified models of tourism activities.

The Minister of Culture Elva Margariti noted that “some findings and parts of fencing walls have been unearthed during the excavation work. Studies carried out by the archaeologists prove that the finds are fencing and structural walls of the square dating back to the 1920s and they have to do with the start of the work to construct the square and the adjacent hotel. We have signed a tripartite agreement with the archaeologists to address the problem if more findings are unearthed. The part of the wall has been documented and it will be then become part of the rehabilitated square.”

The new parking lot is part of the city’s overall management plan and it is an indispensable intervention to ultimately address the parking issue for the local residents and the growing number of international tourists, who visit the museum city. “This will be one of the recommendations on the entire project on revitalization of the historic part of the city, which will boost value of the properties and businesses in the area,” Culture Minister added.