Berat, another success story of agro-processing sector 

Another successful and modern agro-processing investment in collecting, producing and processing organic solar dried fruits has been launched in Berat. Gjedra enterprise, in collaboration with 3500 local farmers, has gained access to the market to export its products to the EU and the US.

With the support from the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (ARDA) through the IPARD Programme, “Gjedra” has expanded its collection and processing premises by around 2500 square meters, as well as two chimney solar dryers. With the new investment, the enterprise has enhanced its collection and processing capacities to around 660 metric tonnes of fruits per year.

During his visit to this enterprise, PM Rama said that the results of recent years are the product of work started earlier, while Gjergj, the owner of the enterprise “Gjedra” underlined that his factory’s capacity has increased by around 20 percent compared to 7 years ago.

“The results in recent years are the product of work launched earlier and ARDA’s enhanced capacities today have taken Albania to the first place regarding absorption of the European Union funds. The EU earmarks an amount of funds yet it refuses to grant funding if you are unable to present a reliable project and therefore your application can be turned down. So, ranking first for absorption of the EU funds and the ability to absorb these funds that exceed the amount of funds the state budget allocated for agriculture several years ago and, third, the success stories and real income generated by rural households, which lacked any perspective some years ago, will gradually make, as it is the case now, that those who are more far-sighted and who have a property, have a land, have a house in the village, use it for increase income through businesses in agro-tourism, agro-processing and manufacturing,” the Premier said.