Water catchment in Fushe – Kruje to ensure 24-hour supply to local residents 

The inherited water supply and availability problem in the area of Fushe –Kruje is already on the way to its solution as work kicked off to construct a new water supply system, a project designed to ensure 24-hour supply to local residents in the town of Fushe-Kruje and the surrounding villages.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku, today inspected the works on water supply system construction site in Fushe-Kruje where the problem of running water supply carried over for decades will be tackled soon. “The works are progressing at a satisfactory pace. In this construction site too, we aim to complete everything before the spring of 2021. The water supply system will provide water to over 27,000 residents in the area of Fushe-Kruje,” Balluku said.

The two pumping stations in Hasanaj, which both have ceased operating for more than ten years now, will undergo a complete reconstruction and upgrading project and two new pumps will be installed to fill the reservoir currently under construction. “The reservoir being constructed here to provide water supply to the town of Fushe-Kruje and the adjacent villages is one of the biggest water catchments at a country level and it will ensure24-hour supply for the entire are. Recent investments in this area date back to the 1980s. The network had terribly degraded, the cost of energy is very high due to old pumps and the network losses,” the project manager explained.

Construction of the new water supply system, Prime Minister Rama noted, will put an end to what he called “a saga of the running water shortages and scarcity in the area.”