Updated COVID-19 situation report

Press statement by Gentiana Qirjako, Public Health Institute:

As part of the daily briefing, we provide you with the latest update on the COVID-19 outbreak in our country.

Tests were conducted on the samples of 197 individuals, out of which six new Covid-19 cases were confirmed. Five of the new cases were identified in Kruja and Kurbin and only one new case was detected in Tirana.

A total of 795 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus since its outbreak in early March and 531, or 67% of them have already recovered.

The southern district of Fier added to the green zones list, or the low risk areas for the transmission of the infection in the past 24 hours.

The town of Kruja has now 91 confirmed cases, the highest number of the active coronavirus cases, followed by Tirana, Kurbin, and Shkodra and currently Albania records a total of 233 active cases.

Most of the cases are asymptomatic and are being monitored by the family doctors, whereas a total of 33 patients are being treated at the Infectious Diseases Hospital and the ‘COVID 2’ Hospital, seven of whom are in intensive care.

This is an important indicator showing that the restrictive measures have worked and have avoided the collapse of the country’s healthcare system, allowing it to successfully treat serious cases at the two Covid-19 dedicated hospitals.

Currently, the geographical distribution of the active Covid-19 cases in Albania is as follows:

Kruja          91

Tirana        90

Kurbin        20

Shkodra     17

Kukes          5

Elbasan      2

Mirdita       2

Berat          2

Korça          1

Lezha       1

Lushnja    1

Mat           1

The municipalities classified as low-risk areas for the infection transmission will join the so-called green zones list starting tomorrow, May 4.

Taxi services will be permitted to drive but only between towns and only with two passengers from the same family.

The repatriated citizens from the red zones must observe the 14-day self-quarantine in their own houses.

Although the restrictive measures will further ease starting Monday, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection urges citizens to strictly abide by the instructions from the health authorities, social and physical distancing rules and personal hygiene, and calls on businesses to rigorously comply with the safety protocols.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has made available the green line 0800-40-40, offering psychological counselling to help the citizens with physical, emotional and other mental health-related concerns.

The Ministry of Health appeals citizens to dial the National Emergency Line 127 if they suspect about Covid-19 symptoms.