Updated COVID-19 situation report

Statement by Dr. Eugena Tomini, Public Health Institute:

Based on the identification of the confirmed Covid-19 cases to date and the disease outbreak investigation, the epidemiological situation in Albania remains stable.

With the incidence rate obviously declining, heightened alert, investigation and increased efforts to track any suspected case actively are of particular importance.

Tests were conducted on the samples of 238 suspected cases, out of which eight new Covid-19 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours, respectively three cases in Tirana, two in Kruja, one in Fier and one in Kamez.

Tests were also conducted on 18 medical personnel and patients hospitalized at the Neurosurgery ward at University Hospital Centre in Tirana and all these individuals tested negative for the novel coronavirus.

The number of tests performed every day has tripled this month. The infection rate stands currently below 5 %, a very good indicator regarding the infection prevention and control.

A total of 10,000 tests have been conducted since the first Covid-19 case was detected in early March and a total of 850 citizens have tested positive for the virus. So far, 620 infected people have recovered, whereas the number of active Covid-19 cases is 199.

A total of 30 patients are currently being treated at the Infectious Diseases Hospital and the ‘COVID 2’ Hospital, five of whom are in intensive care.

As you have been already informed, the serological tests are already underway at the Microbiology Laboratory at the University Hospital Centre to detect whether most vulnerable individuals and groups have developed antibodies and determine their to Covid-19.

So far, 440 members of the medical staff have undergone the serological testing with an overall positive rate of 11.2 %. These are preliminary test results and a higher number of samples will be tested in the coming days, meaning that such results could change. The serological testing will expand to include a large number of people to determine the percentage of population that has developed antibodies against the disease.

The reopening strategy has started on April 27 with the lockdown measures gradually eased for the citizens and businesses as recommended by the Technical Committee of Experts based on measurable progress indicators.

The restrictive measures will further relax should the infection situation remains stable, taking into account the number of new cases, the number of hospitalized patients and those under intensive care.

Dear citizens, despite the encouraging situation, the success of the reopening strategy and decisions to further ease the lockdown measures will depend on you.

If citizens show high sense of responsibility in observing social distancing, combined with the respiratory and personal hygiene rules, and refraining from visits to relatives for whatever reason, and if businesses strictly abide by the safety protocols, then the lockdown measures will further relax according to the adopted strategy.

We urge citizens to immediately dial the National Emergency Line 127 if they suspect about Covid-19 symptoms.

For any questions about Covid-19, physiological counselling to help you with physical, emotional and other mental health-related concerns, please dial the green line 0800 40-40.

COVID-19 – Statistics (May 8, 2020)


Number of tests                    10044

Confirmed positive cases     850

Recovered patients               620

Active cases                            199

Deaths                                      31 (Tirana 18, Durres 6, Fier 3, Vlora 1, Shkodra 2, Kukes 1)


Currently, the geographical distribution of the active Covid-19 cases in Albania is as follows:

Tirana               93

Kruja                 62

Shkodra            17

Kamez                9

Kurbin                4

Fier                      4

Elbasan               3

Mirdita                2

Berat                  2

Durres                1

Korça                  1

Lezha                  1