Rebirth of Medieval centre of the 2400-year-old city 

A new space will be created for both visitors and local residents at the Medieval Centre of Berat once restoration of two mosques and a Bektashi Sufi shrine completes as part of a project that also includes rehabilitation of the adjacent spaces and their connection with a main cobblestone square. Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Minister of Culture Elva Margariti, inspected the ongoing work to restore the two mosques, a project that PM Rama likened with the revitalization of Vlora’s historic centre.

With most of the restoration work already complete, new wall elements have been revealed, while authenticity of each element has been preserved. “This entire area will be restored to the public. Long restoration work has been carried out here, while the entire part of colours and elements have been combined with the elements we see in the old pictures we have collected,” Minister of Culture Margariti said. 

The project to rejuvenate these objects is the biggest restoration project on an Islamic religious site. “With the new restoration project, the Medieval and historic centre of Berat will provide a fresh impetus to the museum city as a major tourist attraction,” PM Rama said.