COVID-19 vaccine rollout for health professionals begins in Berat 

COVID-19 vaccine rollout for the health professionals keeps expanding throughout country, with Berat being the next city where the immunisation process commenced as planned. Health authorities aim to vaccinate all doctors and nurses across Albania within March.

Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu visited the vaccination site to see up close the vaccination process. “Today we started administering the first 150 doses to the doctors and health workers in Berat. With the today’s vaccines, the number of administered vaccine doses is 10.000 and the process will expand further to vaccinate doctors and nurses in the primary health care system. The immunisation of the health personnel at hospitals across the country is nearing completion and we aim to vaccinate all health personnel by March 15 and the process will then go on with the vaccination of the older adults,” Health Minister Manastirliu said.

With the vaccine already received, doctors and nurses will feel safer and more protected while treating and caring for the COVID-19 patients.

“I hope we will receive good news about more vaccine deliveries in the days to coma so that we can expand and commence the mass vaccination of the population. However, efforts should be done to build a capillary network to include not only the health centres, but also the army, medicine students so that spring season becomes a period of intense vaccination process and therefore we succeed in the efforts to take a much higher position in the ranking among the countries in terms of the efficiency in vaccine administering process,” PM Rama said.

More than 1100 vaccinators and vaccinator assistants are involved in administering the vaccine doses at the vaccination centres across the country. “According to the vaccination plan, we will also mobilize more than 500 nurses, medicine students and candidate nurses who have applied via the Nurse for Albania portal, as well as nurses serving in the army, who will undergo training at the National Arena stadium as part of the vaccination programme,” Health Minister underlined.