Government: time to destroy the pyramid system in education

Posted: 6 August 2014

Press statement by Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi: Today, the Albanian government took two very important decisions which put an end to the shameful flourishing of financial pyramids in education and to the trade of fake diplomas in Albania, in o...

IMEI: it has nothing to do with the citizen, but with smuggling

Posted: 5 August 2014

Statement by State Minister for Innovation and Public Administration, Milena Harito: The more Lulzim Basha talks, the greater the commiseration for the Democratic Party which has turned into a puppet theater where the old refrain of a power that left...

We were voted for a radical transformation of Albania

Posted: 1 August 2014

Press conference released today by Prime Minister Edi Rama: -Mr. Prime Minister, today it was announced that one of the ministers will not be part of the Government anymore. You know that in European governments it happens very often that the cabinet...

We thank Mr. Celibashi, for his contribution. Ms. Felaj to take his place in the Government

Posted: 1 August 2014

Prime Minister Edi Rama: “Good morning! Actually I wanted to make an announcement, but I was told that you wanted to ask some questions and, since yesterday the first session of the Legislation was over, I think you are entitled to ask questions. S...

The Government approves the new project for the new administrative and territorial division

Posted: 22 July 2014

Statement of the State Minister for Local Affairs Bledi Çuçi released today after the Council of Ministers meeting: Today, the Council of Ministers approved the project for the new administrative and territorial division, based on the proposal made...

The Government appeal to Parliament: Take a decision on representatives of the Higher Council of Justice

Posted: 8 July 2014

Press release by Mr. Bledi Çuçi, Minister of State for Local Affairs and National Coordinator in the Fight against Corruption: While Albania is now a candidate country for the EU and the whole society and international partners look forward to conc...

Barroso: The status, a new chapter for the challenges of Albania

Posted: 30 June 2014

Joint press conference of Prime Minister Edi Rama and President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso Prime Minister Rama: Hello everyone! Allow me to express my great pleasure for having today in Tirana the European Commission President, ...

Determined to make energy a sector for development

Posted: 9 April 2014

Statement of the Minister of Energy and Industry, Mr. Damian Gjiknuri, following the Council of Ministers meeting: I am pleased to announce today an important decision of the Council of Ministers related to the continuation of construction works for ...

Civil Servant, Government, firm will to respect Constitution

Posted: 14 February 2014

Statement of Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration, Milena Harito: There is a problem with opposition of Democratic Party today. When we invite them to meet in Parliament and discuss – they do not come – when we write to ...

Council of Ministers, alignment of Albanian legislation with EU Acquis

Posted: 12 February 2014

Minister of Social Welfare and Youth Erion Veliaj: The Council of Ministers has just been concluded its meeting that endorsed, inter alia, 17 decisions that aim to approximate the Albanian legislation with that of EU community, in the course of mem...

Government Decides to Abolish Soft Loans for State Officials

Posted: 5 February 2014

Statement by Minister of Urban Development and Tourism Eglantina Gjermeni following the meeting of the Council of Ministers: The government approved on Wednesday the decision, “On Abolishing CMD No. 600 ’On housing of high state administration ci...

Failure to pay energy? Zero tolerance!

Posted: 3 February 2014

Declaration of Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi on the activity of the Task Force on Energy:   In my capacity as the chair of the National Task Force established for the reduction of energy losses, I would like to present to the public the pre...

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